The Values

The final project Values, is a month long series of webinars, consisting of theory, innerwork, work in pairs, individual sessions, independent work in the personal play space and support in text/chat format. The project is informed by the author’s studies and unique combination of PW theory and quadrants integral approach. It is suitable for both participants, who are familiar with PW concepts and those, who are encountering the work for the first time. PW theory used will include Life Myth, High and Low dream work, edge work, role play, levels of awareness, sentient work and metaskills.


The Values program starts with 4 webinars, which are held during the first two weeks in evening time. Each webinar (up to 2 hours long) consists of theoretical part, discussion, Q&A session, exercises and working in pairs.

After that a host examines participants’ results and gives them some recommendations. That means that all answers from the previous two weeks of work are being combined and analyzed and the third week is all about every participant getting feedback from the host, including information about perspectives that lead to the most resoursable situations and those which have a hidden potential. Also, participants get individual recommendations on how to find balance in all aspects of their lives.

Depending on the host’s feedback a participant can take 1 individual session to implement recommendations in their life.

During this week of individual adjustments, which is a stage of researching the Life Myth to achieve balance, there is also available some unique additional service: «Consultation» with a Process Astrologer, the host of The Values program and your therapist.

Having achieved a balance, participants move on to the work on their Individual Goals. This process starts with another webinar, which, apart from theory and exercises, includes a guide about working with a notebook/personal play-space in the Miro app.

After this webinar, within the next two weeks, the participants independently, but having support and daily chatting with the host, regularly interact with their Goals. Along with the participants, we gradually track the integration of their central deep feeling, while still maintaining achieved balance.

People are different, so someone won’t feel the need for 1.5 hours of individual sessions provided by the program, while someone may face an experience, due to which the one will need more support tine, as well as individual fine and deep work. Then, if desired, a participant can take additional hours of individual sessions with the therapist, thanks to which integration will be achieved. It depends…

The Value Program ending comes with a final webinar, covering topics of awareness and expansion of consciousness. It is a crucial point where the participants, after having integrated their central deep feeling, experience subtle awareness of the entire process of energies and matter interactions, spirituality and materiality, consciousness and subconsciousness. It is the exact moment when a participant finds clear understanding of the entire “mechanics” of personal deep processes! This is where the WOW effect of having a clear understanding of how to follow your own nature comes in.

The Values program duration —  1 month

Price — 100$


  • 6 Zoom webinars up to 2 hours long each (+records);

  • 1,5 hours of individual sessions;

  • consistent support in Telegram chat;

  • personal playable space in the MIRO app, access to which gradually opens as you proceed.

Optional if needed:
  • individual sessions with a therapist (20$);
  • consultation with a process work astrologist (40$).

Schedule for June-July, 2021:

June, 21 — The MYTH webinar (Introduction);
June, 24 — The MYTH webinar (High and Low Dreams);
June, 28 — The GOALS webinar;
July, 1 — The STRUCTURE webinar;

July, 2-11 — The Balance. Individual adjustments;
July, 6 — Additional webinar featuring an Astrologist;

July, 13 — The FLOW webinar;

July, 14-26 — Integration of a central deep feeling;
July, 15 — Additional session for a practical work in depth;

July, 27 — The METASKILL webinar.

For each participant, there is a personal space created in a form of a playing field, which is sequentially opening as you proceed through the stages of The Values Program. It works on Miro online platform and Miro mobile app. There is a video below that demonstrates the structure of a personal play space, as well as an example of a filled field at the end of the video.